• Avi Cantor

Ella Mai stuns in new Genius interview for "Not Another Love Song"

2020 has been a quiet year for Ella Mai given that she's only dropped one single. But just in case you forgot how talented she was, the London native delivered an effortlessly excellent performance on the Genius series Verified.

"Not Another Love Song" is a rollercoaster ride through the nail-biting journey from being infatuated by a person to actually admitting these feelings to the person you have them for.

"Making love come into the picture just makes it feel a lot more serious. It makes it feel like there's no turning back," Mai explains.

The R&B star's vocals on the actual song are silky and heartfelt, but, as music fans know, singer's voices are enhanced with a plethora of after effects technology after the song is recorded. However, Ella Mai's performance on Verified makes singing look like a stroll in the park.

The English singer hits every note without straining a muscle while maintaining a warm smile the entire time. Her nonchalant singing chops fit way too easily into an interview that's meant to be interrupted by the artist performing the lyrics of their song. Moral of this article: don't sleep on Ella Mai!!

Make sure to check out "Not Another Love Song" on all streaming platforms now!