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Empire Jewelers is the top destination for ice in Houston

Fresh in the game & bringing their own exquisite modern style, Empire Jewelers has taken the jewelry game to a whole new level. Working with stars such as JayDaYoungan, Fatboy SSE, FunnyMike, and even social media sensation Supreme Patty. Their Instagram showcases a huge gallery of celebrities they’ve made these unique 1 of 1 custom pieces for.

Empire Jewelers was founded in 2017 by 18-year-old Munish Ali better known as “Mo” & friends (Malik & Tan). Starting this young, they were not being taken seriously by clients or competiton, so they had to force their way into the jewelry game. The company originally started as a middle-of-the-mall kiosk in a North Houston Mall, which they started with the little money they had saved up fresh out of high school. Mo & his team of young entrepreneurs worked their way up one client at a time & went on to build their own literal Empire where now they cater to some of the biggest names in the game. Empire Jewelers to this day now has a total of 4 retail locations, 3 in Houston & 1 in Austin, Texas, including a large showroom location in Houston. Along with a huge social media presence on Instagram @Empirejewelersofficial where you can see a wide selection of their custom work.