• Tallie Spencer

Exclusive Interview: Trinidad James talks new album 'Black Filter'

Black Filter is out everywhere on August 14.

Trinidad James is gearing up to release a new album called Black Filter on August 14, and he has some surprises in store for fans.

Remixd Magazine's Tallie Spencer had the opportunity to chat with the "All Gold" legend and ask him more details about what fans can expect from the upcoming project. The album, which will be the first project James has released in 2 years, will have various different elements that are different than what people would normally expect.

In the clip below, Trinidad James talks about writing an "R&B"inspired track that is a little more upbeat and fits into the modern day sound of R&B. While the rapper is not necessarily known for his love songs, he told Tallie Spencer that he's versatile and excited to switch things up.

When asked about his inspiration behind where his idea of love comes from, James discussed watching shows like HBO's Insecure.

He revealed in the interview that he has a modern-R&B inspired track that fans can be in the lookout for on the album.

Watch a clip from the interview below, and be sure to stream Black Filter on 8/14!