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Flip Major shares fire new album 'Hardly Ever Sober'

Flip Major is back after a long hiatus with a brand new 10 track album suitably titled "Hardly Ever Sober." With intuitive flows and well-structured lyricism Flip displays the hit-making ability he built and expanded during his absence in the last couple of years. The album is an all-around treat with guest appearances from Compton royalty A.D. and Azjah, as well as Hi-Tone, K.Y., Trizz, Rucci, Audio King, Steelz, BeatBoy, Dnyc3, Contraband, Nabeyin, and YeloHill. The working title was captured from lyrics to the track "RAIN MAN". Living in Hollywood, Flip at full tilt found himself in the mix of absolute revelry, never really home, and Hardly Ever Sober.

Stream it below.



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