• Jason Leal

French Montana gives an in-depth look into his stint in the ICU, life as an immigrant, and more.

In an interview with XXL, French Montana talks about changing his behavior and drinking habits following a stay in the ICU last year, following his birthday weekend, marking over one year sober.

During his interview with XXL, French talks about the time leading up to the hospital visit last year and suffering from cardiac arrest issues, which he states stemmed from pills, alcohol, dehydration, and the fatigue of touring five counties in one week. Before going into the hospital, he finally accomplished two of his life-long dreams: taking his mother to Africa and making a million dollars for one show. Stating it was a weird feeling, such an immense high, followed by such a crash. When he got back home to LA, his body "just collapsed." During the interview, French opens up about his addiction to pills, going down the wrong path, and "chasing the wrong things." He started off taking Adderall to stay awake, Percocet's for his back, forming into a "hobby," and then an addiction.

He states that waking up in the hospital and doctors telling him “if he drinks, he will die,” in which French jokes "there goes the French Vanilla Ciroc," and how he had to tell P Diddy and no more Ciroc in the videos. Montana says at one point in the interview, he was "out of control" last year and that waking up in the ICU was a surreal feeling and that caused the catalyst for sobriety.

French Montana opens the interview about his journey about his life immigrating to the United States from Morocco at thirteen, and how his mom sacrificed everything for them to stay together, even having to leave French's father and stay in the United States. He asserts that everything he has done during his life has been for his mother, and when she goes back home to Africa, she will "walk in with her head high."

French Montana states he is over one year sober -- following his health scare, and says that overcoming it is one of his most celebrated accomplishments to date, taking a break from everything and putting himself and his health first.

Watch French Montana's full interview here.