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Georgia’s Twaankalu is poised to take over R&B with his single “Rewind”

Equipped with the vulnerability of 90s R&B singers like Usher, K-Ci, Ginuwine, and the swagger of modern-day acts, Twaankalu delivers the sappy track "Rewind."

The song is a must-have for any duffle bag playlist and even though summer is right around the corner, we all need some songs to put us in our feelings.

As explained by the August, GA native, the song’s “atmospheric chord progressions and hypnotic drum patterns unite to paint a vivid image of a life sustained by solitude and reflection and adorned with passion and romance.”

Twaankalu began his musical journey in his sophomore year of college after taking a course on digital sound but was soon taken by the art form and quickly dedicated his life to becoming a household name in the R&B space.

“An integral part of who I am as an artist (and as a person) is finding strength in my ability to be honest and vulnerable, and that heavily influenced me during the songwriting process. I want my music to tear down walls in the hearts of my fans,” he explained.

Despite only releasing one track on Spotify, Twaankalu has caught the attention of some serious names in music opening for the likes of Jeremih and London On Da Track.

Things are certainly looking up for this young R&B talent so stay tuned for more, follow him on Instagram, and check out the single below!