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Get to know musical artist Reggie Watkins

"I hope fans take away more so from all my music overall; something they can relate to, something personable to them," Reggie Watkins said. "With ‘Live From The Heart’ I hope listeners can relate to the lyrics of the songs and I hope the piano music sets the atmosphere for the messages."

Two identities, one artist. 2021 has been a busy year for Reggie Watkins as he has been releasing a whole swag of tracks that migrate between piano instrumentals and full vocal arrangements that consistently mine the very depths of the soul. Working as both Reggie Watkins Piano and R.W.P., he is a singer songwriter from Louisville Kentucky that is redefining the way audiences listen to music.

Consumed by music since before he can remember, his work under the Reggie Watkins Piano moniker is the perfect soundtrack for today’s busy world. His piano solos provide that warm embrace designed to give audiences that immersive experience that only the tinkling of ivories can provide. Obsessed with sound and the emotions it triggers, Reggie’s instrumentals tell a story that only the work that a lone musician can deliver.

The music he producers as R.W.P. also creates a complete enduring narrative influenced by more commercial sensibilities. With briefest touches of pop and R&B and painting a picture of complex textures and melodies, his vocals sit effortlessly above music designed to soothe spirit. A soundscape delivered by a brilliant mind, Reggie’s work as R.W.P. represents the ethereal majesty of an authentic and organic artist taking his place in the world.

Whichever side of the divide that Reggie works towards, whether it be performing as a soloist at Carnegie Hall or climbing the charts as R.W.P, one thing is assured. His catalogue of work will take you to places you never imagined and reward you with music that will be forever a part of your world.

Take a listen to some of his music below.