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Gino Haze releases vibrant self-titled EP

Singer/rapper Gino Haze released his debut self-titled EP in mid-December with the lead single "I Try" gaining attention from Elevator Magzine, Hype Magazine, and Karen Civil TV among others.

The LA/Chicago native's project and sound in general, "covers all bases of true hip hop music," as explained by Haze himself. He also explained that the point of his self-titled project was to "introduce myself to those that don’t know me and re-introduced myself to those who knew me."

Haze began taking music at 18 and has since taken on the responsibility of leading "the younger generation in a better direction". The multi-talented artist does so by weaving in and out of classic and melodic flows without sacrificing lyrical prowess and his message.

This is particularly evident in tracks like "The Difference/Quota Boy" and "No Average" where he tells stories of his upbringing. Equally as evident is the heavy influence of JAY-Z and Charlie Wilson in his music, which he cited as inspirations for his music.

Looking toward the future, Haze wants to win a Grammy and a BET award and is looking forward to the end of COVID-19 so that he can interact more intimately with his fans.

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