• Michaela Greene

Gino Haze's new EP "Since We Bein' Honest" is a must listen

Gino Haze, a South LA native, gets honest and vulnerable on his newest seven-track EP 'Since We Bein' Honest.'  Within each track, this rising artist showcases inventive poetry with statements of honesty and sincerity, demonstrating his tremendous skill and distinct voice. Gino's father is from Los Angeles, and his mother is from Chicago, therefore the artist blends the sounds of both places into his work. This EP seamlessly showcases Gino's beginnings in a way that listeners can relate to by commenting about numerous life events, including Haze's unique background and his continual route to fame.

Each track offers something unique to the EP in total. "Slide Show," among other standout tracks display the amount of growth that Haze has had since his last project -- his self-titled debut 'Gino Haze,' released in 2020.

The EP's first track, also named "Since We Bein Honest," features Joel Q and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Haze understands how to spread the good emotions by using music videos that help to put his ideas to life:

Jay Millian and CALIthePOET have also contributed to Gino Haze's EP. The camaraderie between these artists is evident throughout the record, as they flow fluidly from track to track, bringing their personality and dope sounds to each one. Gino Haze has a knack for catering to his unique style of soulful melodies and hard-hitting lyrics, while he maintains his reputation as a hustler and charming gentleman.

Gino Haze's new EP Since We Being Honest is available now on all platforms, and you can keep up with his upcoming releases by following him on social media.


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