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GREGNWMN calls for a heat check on new song and visual "93 CELSIUS"

GREGNWMN takes audiences out of this world with his creative visual for "93 CELSIUS"

Serving verses set to ignite a heatwave, high-tempo and transferable energy are nothing new to Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artist, GREGNWMN. Following up on the vibrancy & impact of his previous single release, 'SOLAR FLARE' featuring fellow LA native Carter Ace, GREGNWMN returns with a sound reminiscent of the Avengers emerging from an inferno in super suits on '93 CELSIUS'.

'93 CELSIUS' has an instant launch, waves of fuzzy sub-bass, metallic synth chords, & dry snares waste no time washing over the listener — a turbo booster baton pass for GREG’s rollercoaster vocal performance. The 145 BPM mad dash pulls no punches, radiating the urgency of a make-or-break moment. His elusive flow patterns and from-the-stomach delivery make it clear that his timeline is defined by him and him alone: "I got my hand over the button, I may set the whole game ablaze if I touch it". It’s yet another reminder that the alt hip-hop conversation is incomplete if it doesn’t include the name GREGNWMN.


GREGNWMN, born Gregory Newman, is a first generation Jamaican-American artist and songwriter who began solidifying his innovative approach to music through his nomadic upbringing. Stemming from early exposure to Soca, Calypso and Reggae throughout his childhood, these influences enabled GREGNWMN to form the baseline of what would frame his vocal and performative expression within music, as well as creating art that inspires movement.

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, GREGNWMN has been actively working on weaving his dynamic experiences into his forthcoming project, focusing on transparency, intention and authenticity.