• Michaela Greene

Hakeem Rowe continues to rise as a notable host in Hip-Hop culture

Updated: Oct 6

"I love everything about music, from talking about it to creating it, to listening to it."

Meet Hakeem Rowe, a tastemaker in the music industry who highlights talented artists in underground hip-hop. By hosting interviews and capturing behind-the-scenes vlogs at some of the most popular festivals, parties, and other music events, Hakeem has created a name for himself by sharing charismatic interviews that magnify hip-hop culture and being the host behind viral content.

"I put the world on to new artists and music. People are constantly surprised when people find out what I know or like. I’m aware of a lot of things within music and the music industry."

Originally born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica, Hakeem moved to New Jersey when he was 9 years old. His childhood consisted of skateboarding, playing football, and making music during his free time.

"Because of my upbringing being from Jamaica, my country touches so much culture that is loved," Rowe said in a recent interview. "Our values and just the way we are as Jamaicans. We are known to be very funny, charming, outgoing, and hardworking. There is a joke that Jamaicans have like five jobs, which is what I’m on right now. I then moved to the suburbs of New Jersey from there is where I got to understand a different side of life."

At 20 years old, the young visionary bought a one-way ticket to California with only $200 in his pocket to pursue his dreams of making music. However, the path he chose veered in a different direction once he settled in Los Angeles, California.

"Originally, I didn’t want to pursue a career in media. I met Adam22 while working at the Official Hat Store on Melrose, which was next door to No Jumper. I've always been a funny guy, and Adam recognized that in me and put me on his No Jumper podcast. I was on his podcast for three years, then I left. I was working at RSVP Gallery, which is Virgil and Don C’s company, after leaving No Jumper."

Now Hakeem is the voice for Our Generation Music (OGM), a website that shares Hip-Hop, music, and culture updates. With several of his interviews going viral on social media, Hakeem has hosted memorable moments with artists such as Lil Got It, SoFayGo, Mario Judah, and Lancey Foux. Hakeem displays his engaging personality as he provides an inside look at upcoming artists for viewers to enjoy; using his platform to produce newsworthy, and at the same time amusing, content that will be a catalyst of OGM's growth.

Aside from being an exceptional media host, Hakeem also has plans to become a music mogul. As he aspires to add an A&R and music producing under his belt, the rising icon has produced beats for two song placements on Dro Fe’s album Norco 3.

"I love everything about music, from talking about it to creating it, to listening to it."

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