• Jason Leal

HDBeenDope taps Earl On The Beat for a collaboration project, 'Side A: The Preface'

HDBeenDope and Earl On The Beat's latest EP, Side A: The Preface, is out now!

New York Native, HDBeenDope from East Flatbush, looks at life through a cinematic lens, always finding inspiration as he explores the environment around him through his introspective, honest, and soulful songs. Since 2012, HDBeenDope has been releasing music year after year, but as each year, single, EP, and album pass, he becomes more refined as he crafts his unique sound. Yet, his latest release, Side A: The Preface, is a bit offbeat for HD as he steps out of his comfort zone, "work[ing] on so much of [his] music by [him]self in [his] room" alone, HD went out of his element, giving rein to iconic producer Earl On The Beat.

"The biggest inspiration for this project was number one: getting out of my comfort zone," HD said in a recent interview. "That's why I wanted to work with Earl on the Beat. For those who don’t know, I worked on so much of my music by myself in my room and with this project, I wanted to get uncomfortable and actually find somebody that I had a deep reverence for and be able to learn from them. That's where Earl comes into play."

The project is a masterpiece collaboration between HDBeenDope and Earl On The Beat in lyricism and rhythm. As the two artists give all of themselves, with only a four-track project, the EP is still full of vitality, introspection, and heart. Side A: The Preface, while short, is a window into HDBeenDope's mind and refinement as an artist.

As we have heard a lot from HD this year, this is his first EP and project since his 2020 album BrokeN Dreams. HDBeenDope and Earl on The Beat's project Side A: The Preface is a must listen, with its hit single, "ReallyMite," a high-energy remix of Marachi beat, full of witty, fun, and conceited one-liners. With other bops like "Wrist" and "Windows Down," featuring Maeta, as HDBeenDope showcases his versatility, aptitude, charisma, and tenacity as an artist on the rise.

As far as the message that he wants audiences to take away from his music, HD says that he wants them to question everything.

"That's what the whole mantra is about," he said. "I feel like the way you learn is by questioning. So that's the major thing that I would hope people take away from my music. Even in the way that I choose to write music, I’m being introspective about things, it's me kind of unpacking situations that I’ve dealt with and then picking a narrative. But, in order for me to even write from these places, I have to look around me before I can pick a place to write from."

Be sure to connect with HDBeenDope as he is gearing up to drop Side B sometime in December. Tap in with HD via social media @HDBeenDope on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream HDBeenDope and Earl On The Beat's project, Side A: The Preface, below!