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Houston creative Lafayette Taylor talks new single "FTSU"

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Rising creative Lafayette Taylor is making strides as a recording artist, producer and songwriter. Hailing all the way from Alaska, his rich upbringing has led him to pursue music full time out of his 1SoundVives Studio based in Houston Texas. Coming off the release of his "FTSU" single, I caught up with Taylor to discuss his new single and plans for the future. Check it out below.

How has growing up in Alaska impacted your decision to pursue a career in music full time?

Growing up in Alaska made me want more. Honestly, there isn’t a lot in Alaska to do other than; school, sports, or music and in 7th grade I decided to begin singing as well as become a musician like my family around me who all played the drums. It was amazing, and I knew I wanted music to be a huge part of my life but in Alaska you could see the possibility of becoming stagnant. Of course, my family didn’t want that and my parents wanted my sister and I to have the opportunities to grow in whatever we decided to do and Alaska didn’t have those opportunities, but California did so they packed our things up and we moved to California when I was a young teenager.

How would you best describe your original sound?

To put it simply, I would say it’s a mix with old school R&B with a new style or vibe. The music I make is inspired by the harmony of Boyz II Men and Michael Jackson.

What made you want to have your own studio and create everything in house?

First, I’m all about unity/teamwork because I personally wanted to always be in a singing group purely because everyone is working towards a common goal to lift each other up to obtain that goal. So, when I began the process of creating this studio, I found that I had an opportunity to have a place for all creators. It was officially especially having my song "Why Why Why" because of how happy I was in that moment, when the record came together so did the space. All creators from musicians to engineers, dancers, etc. are creating something so I wanted it to be welcoming to everyone allowing them to work on their craft. With all of this happening I still have my main goal which is to spread positive vibes and just happiness.

What is the inspiration behind your new FTSU Single?

One night I was drinking in the studio, and in a very good mood of course and I just began thinking of the fun positive vibes California has so I knew I had to make a California type record. I love California vibe, the dances they create, and how everyone just is themselves especially at house parties. California house parties are intimate and when they dance, they do it in their way and it never is a question if everyone will hype you up. In Cali they just ‘do them’ no pressure or second thoughts of how to have fun, they just do it.

Who are some artists you hope to work with in the future?

I definitely want to work with artists; such as Eric Bellinger, Tink, and Keith Sweat. But I hope I can work with artists like Omarion, Tory Lanez, Boyz II Men, and Kehlani.

When can we expect a full body of work from you?

I’m actually working on it right now but it is expected to be completed and released at the beginning of 2021. 2020 is just the year of singles and EPs for me.

To stay up to date with Lafayette Taylor follow him on social media @Iamlafayettetaylor and stream his "FTSU" single below.