• Tallie Spencer

Interview: Independent rapper Kiara Simone is empowering women through her 'Pretty Girl Gang' slogan

Updated: Jan 22

"The Pretty Girl Gang is about being confident, loving yourself, and being fierce," Simone said in an interview. "We don’t have to change ourselves to fit in. I want women to appreciate their curves and love the body that they are in."

Kiara Simone, a female rapper from Virginia (based in LA), is making strides to empower women through her music. She uses a phrase called "Pretty Girl Gang," which was created to encourage women to stay focused and keep pushing.

The artist got her start in the music industry and started pursuing it seriously at the age of 20, when she moved to LA to grow her professional network.

She ended up networking with prominent Los Angeles rapper The Game, which resulted in going on tour with him as part of his "Block Wars Tour," and expanding her network tenfold allowed her to step into the spotlight.

The artist brings a turn-up, energetic vibe to all of her music, creating something for women to "be happy" and "put on lipgloss," to. The artist's discography includes songs like "Nasty," "Shimmey," and "Ima Beast," which are all upbeat songs that you can go out and party to -- making Simone feel like a genuinely relatable artist for women who like to have a good time.

In an interview with Remixd Magazine on Thursday evening, Kiara Simone spoke about navigating the industry as a female musician, and discussed how it's more challenging to be taken seriously at times.

"It gets on my nerves sometimes, cause men can rap about the same stuff over and over, drugs, money, lean ... and females can't," Simone told Remxid. "We just don't talk about it."

But she wants people to know that she is versatile in her execution and showcases her range in the different music that she puts out.

"Stop trying to put us all in a box, there are different types female rappers," she continued. "I have a variety of concepts I talk about. I'm versatile, I'm not just talking about sex, not just men, or Cash App money. I change my concepts and show people that I'm a well-rounded artist, and I think that's very important."

Simone also announced during the interview that she has some new projects on the way, one dropping before summer (a turn-up EP) and another one in the fall (for cuffing season, which she says will be a little slower-tempo).

In the meantime, show some love to her Apple Music and Spotify pages, and follow her on Instagram @ItsKiaraSimone.

Check out some of her music below.