• Avi Cantor

Interview: Blacc Zacc talks recent album ‘308 Legend’

Updated: Jan 22

South Carolina rapper Blacc Zacc sat down with Remixd Magazine's Tallie Spencer via Instagram Live. The Interscope signee broke down his relationship with DaBaby, his work ethic, the state of music in his hometown of Columbia, his recent album 308 Legend, among other things.

Watch the full interview below.

Zacc and DaBaby, both of whom are signed to South Coast Music Group -- a prominent label for Carolina acts -- collabed on the records "Bang" and "Tuesday," and are close friends outside of music, according to Zacc. Baby helped instill the value of consistency into the 27-year-old rapper, telling him to "Do your thing, [the fans] will catch on to it later.”

Zacc credits much of his success to a hustler's mentality stating, “Can’t nobody force you to do nothing ... you gotta really want to do it. I can take you to the studio but if you can’t go in there and record and make a song then [the ability to hustle] ain't in you.”

Make sure to check out 308 Legends on all platforms!