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Iman Europe drops new single "FWM!"

"FWM is all about my process of alignment."

Soul/Hip-Hop artist Iman Europe just released her latest single, "FWM!" which is out now on all platforms.

The Los Angeles native has a degree in creative writing and uses her skills to write relatable and powerful lyrics to match her melodies. Europe's captivating voice takes the stage on "FWM!" and showcases the infinite talent that she has.

REMIXD Magazine had a chance to interview the songstress and ask about her latest song, including how long she's been working on it and the message that she hopes fans take away from hearing it.

"FWM is all about my process of alignment," Europe said during the interview. "Ive been working on my alignment ... just taking my time, staying inside. And now I'm coming for what's mine."

The song dropped on May 19, the artist's birthday, where she revealed was a significant date for her to drop the track and come full-circle in her journey.

"This felt like this was the perfect moment for that, especially after Insecure and the way my numbers spiked after that," Europe said.

Europe's song, "Sometimes" ft. Fat Ron recently appeared on Season 4 of Insecure, and resulted in the artist receiving a new wave of attention and followers.

While she has been enjoying the fact that more people are listening to her music, Europe says that she knows who her day-one fans are, and said during the interview that those are the fans who first "stole her heart."

Stream, "FWM!" on all platforms now, and follow Iman Europe on Instagram @ImanEurope.

You can view the entire interview with REMIXD Magazine here.