• Katherine Molina

Independent artist Lon6z releases new single "Backflip"

Born and Raised in Dayton, Ohio, Independent artist Lon6z is headed down the road to success. With plans to achieve whatever he set his mind to, Lon6z moved to Los Angeles, California, to network with some of the top musicians in the hip-hop industry. He has since worked with Snoop Dogg, The Game, and many more. Lon6z is a man of many talents -- he also produces and engineers his music as well.

The independent artist who has been making music since the early 2000s says he used to rap on the daily. He admits he’s been writing raps for as long as he could remember. However, his move to Los Angeles is what really got him taking his music career more seriously.

When asked how he would describe his sound and Lon6z responded, “Have you ever had hibachi in the middle of the night drunk? That’s the best way to describe my music, SENSATIONAL!”

The independent artist also isn’t afraid to switch it up every now and again. From making R&B music to switching over to hip-hop, Lon6z is ready to make noise in the music industry.

“Music is not about just making that hit for today.” He explained, “Music is where I wanna change the world, motivate, teach, monetize, get accolades but most importantly is the idea of giving back to those who need to hear me. “

Although one day Lon6z admits his ideal goal is to receive a Grammy Award, he shared more than anything he hopes that his music impacts the world by inspiring his listeners to believe in themselves.

This year, Lon6z plans to drop more and more music, and has plans to release music every other week. He is also working on locking in more collaborations and partnerships coming soon in the new year.

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YouTube: Lon6zTV

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