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8 independent black artists who raise awareness and promote healing through music

In times of uncertainty, music has been a force that has been able to heal, unite, and spread powerful messages. Remixd Magazine spoke with eight different artists who have used their music platform to speak out against injustice, to build community, and/or encourage healing and togetherness. Each artist that we spoke with shared a unique story and explained the powerful inspirations behind their music.

Keep reading to learn more about each artist and the song of their choice that amplifies the message they want to share.


AHNTY - "America"

AHNTY (formerly known as Tyesha Chaunté) is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, TX, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her music carries a message of healing and freedom for every listener, no matter their differences in life.

Her song "America," can be defined as a song that instills a message of hope.

"'America' is a song that was written in 2017, at a time where I was overall sick of seeing everyone post about their political agendas and heartless responses on the topic of racial injustice," AHNTY told Remixd Magazine. "I wasn’t seeing anyone create much change outside of their Facebook posts. So, I sat in my room 'till around 2 a.m. and this song came out of me. It was like God downloaded it to me Himself. Summer of 2019, I got the opportunity to record it with my amazing friend Daniel Dalexis and release it to the world. I knew that it was now or never to allow the world to hear this message of change. This is a song of hope for a broken nation. It tackles the media, freedom of speech, religion and inner city realities. I pray that 'America' hears this call-to-action song."

You can follow AHNTY on social media, and listen to "America" below.




Jozondi - "Joker"

Jaren Wright is a 20-year-old artist who goes by the name Jozondi. His name represents a combination of two people's names in his family who have passed away.

"The reason that I chose this as my rap name is that I believe it will always serve to remind me not to lose the reason that I make my music, and to be a positive influence," Jozondi told Remixd Magazine. "The town I was raised in was called Corona, California but I currently attend LMU as a screenwriting major in Los Angeles. Ultimately it is my goal that through my music and writing, I can make my family proud but also live out my dream of helping others find their purpose in life."

His song "Joker" is in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the current rend of righting the wrongs that "have been ignored throughout the past and present."

"Within this song, I address some of my problems with America in terms of being black," Jozondi says. "For example, something I mention in this song that still haunts me to this day is what happened to Trayvon Martin. Him dying for just buying skittles in a hoodie and then his murderer getting off scot-free is something that will NEVER sit right with me. Trayvon could have as easily been me and its that day I learned America wouldn't care if I died. Knowing that in this track, I let America know where I stand especially after seeing the blatant murder of George Floyd. I warn America what will happen if it doesn't fix these issues and finally start living up to what it has been preaching for decades -- "liberty and justice for all."

You can follow Jozondi on social media, and listen to "Joker" below.





Classic - "Fear Fighting"

Classic (real name Joel Meeks) is an emerging artist from Muskegon, Michigan who draws inspiration for his music from everyday life. Along with his rhyming skills and undeniable talent, his catalog is extensive and refreshing. He describes his style as an artist as being "lyrical,""smooth, and "enlightening."

His song "Fear Fighting" tackles the subject of depression and anxiety, and he hopes that this song helps raise awareness to the problem.

"'Fear Fighting' is a piece of the Loner EP," Joel Meeks told Remixd Magazine. "Depression and anxiety is the main subject of the song and I want it to spread awareness to people dealing with it and facing those obstacles on a day-to-day. Throughout the project, I cover emotions about the personal experiences I’ve gone through to spread that message. 'Fear Fighting' is the heart and the soul of the project -- which represents conquering and overcoming."

You can follow Classic on social media, and listen to "Fear Fighting" below.




NYALLAH - "Lately"

NYALLAH is a bi-coastal, community-centric musical artist with a passion for social change through music. She's currently based in Brooklyn.

NYALLAH’s newest single, "Lately," is a warm and jovial track that explores an epiphanic amount of conviction and vigor for life, wholly, with a luminous outlook and authenticity to self. The soft and wispy melodies of nature affix a layer of texture into the well-polished, yet gruff and husky tone of NYALLAH’s voice. From the sonorous kick drum, to the voluminous clap, this single provides a sense of tribal pride and triumph heard through chant-like adlibs, most notably bolstered during the final moments of the record.

You can follow NYALLAH on social media, and listen to "Lately" below.





Rae Kendrix - "Be Careful Who You Save"

Rae Kendrix is a Pennsylvania-born, Jersey-raised artist who got his start in music when he was just seven years old.

"I have been writing music since a young age," Rae Kendrix told Remixd Magazine. "I make various types of music but recently I’ve had slow melodies just playing in my head nonstop."

"'Be Careful Who You Save' is a song off my mixtape that's dropping July 11th. The song is about a place I’ve been stuck in mentally for quite some time now. It’s like as soon as I conquer certain things about myself, I realize I could do anything. When I’m preaching in my songs, such as this one, it’s because I’m picturing myself talking to my son. It’s me telling him the things I never got to hear from my father at this time in life."

You can follow Rae Kendrix on social media, and listen to "Be Careful Who You Save" below.



Ventage - "Fireworks In Tha Hood"

Born in Torrance California, Ventage is a name that is quickly being recognized as the new voice of the times. The artist is part of a 6 piece band (@AWDIV ) and defines herself as a singer, poet, hip-hop artist, designer, songwriter, actress, model, and youth for human rights disseminator.

Her song "Fireworks In Tha Hood," is a song accompanied by a visual that paints a picture of the struggles and results of gang life.

"Notoriously known as 'the Woods,' we take the Blood and Crips gangs out of Inglewood and place them in a hunter-gather like society literally set in the Woods," Ventage tells Remixd Magazine as she describes the visuals to the song. "The Bloods become the red tribe and the Crips become the blue tribe -- where they are pinned against each other in an all out fight for survival."

"Lives become affected since they are being painted in a savage identity and placed in a system where you fear for your life but also fear death. Towards the end, we portray confusion in identity. In the video, when the rain cleaned the paint off, the tribe members couldn’t figure out who to kill. They realized the power they had over people's lives and how that power is abused in society today. We have lost a lot of innocent lives, due to ignorance."

You can follow Ventage on social media, and watch the music video for "Fireworks In Tha Hood" below.



Ros Moody - "Anxiety"

Ros Moody is an Alabama-born, Las Vegas-based singer/rapper/songwriter who has an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of her listeners emotions with a passion for songwriting.

Her deeply personal debut single "Anxiety" tackles mental health over a melodic beat while inspiring the need to ask for help and seek therapy during trying times.

You can follow Ros Moody on social media, and listen to "Anxiety" below.






J-EL-R - "Our Worlds"

J-EL-R is a new artist with a unique trip-hop musical style. In April 2020 her J-EL-R’s song "Our Worlds" was released as part of her debut EP Observations

"I want people to hear 'Our Worlds' and take it in. I want them to listen to the lyrics and understand how so many people out there live through such different experiences," the artist tells Remixd Magazine. "I hope this song makes people not only think about their own pre-judgements of others but also consider if they are in a position of power and how that power effects others."

"As a British mixed race artist, with this song, I want to inspire and motivate other mixed black and non-mixed black people to speak up about their experiences in life and share those with the world, whilst also raising awareness to those in a position of privilege in the UK on issues such as homelessness and the effects of gang culture on young people."

"My next release will continue to focus on important topics pin society with a strong focus on mental health."

You can follow J-EL-R on social media, and listen to "Our Worlds" below.





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