• Kaela Carter

Instagram page TorontoRoom is creating a platform for buzzing Canadian Artists

JS created The Toronto Room, one of Canada's most popular and fast-growing pop culture social media pages and took the time to speak with Remixd Magazine on what that process has been like, what plans he has for it in the future and the Canada music scene.

"I felt that there was not anyone helping out artists in Canada," he shared as his reasoning for why he created Toronto Room. “There were big pages like 6ixbuzz but aside from that there were not any that would show love to upcoming artists/brands in Canada.”

Since its inception in April of 2020, Toronto Room has amassed over 200-thousand followers and interacted with many popular Canadian artists and Tiktokers such as Chromazz, Killy, Bundog, Lessica, Zertheus and more. This is a big feat in just the matter of one year so how were they able to do this? “With a lot of long hours and a great marketing strategy, we were able to organically grow ourselves into a big platform,” JS said. They also branched out and expanded onto other platforms such as Youtube, Spotify and Twitter so that their audience could find them anywhere.

While Toronto Room covers content such as the latest news, controversy, funny skits and memes, the main intent for the page is to give up-and-coming Toronto and other Canadian artists exposure to a larger audience and is what makes them different from a lot of their competitors.

They are able to give these artists a platform by offering posts on their page that will give them exposure, posting them on their Youtube Premier page “TorontoRoom Premiers” and through allowing them spots on their Spotify playlist with over 6 thousand likes, of the same name.

With the great strides they’ve made in just a little over a year, it's natural to wonder what else is next for Toronto Room? “1 million followers would be a huge accomplishment,” JS said. “I also would want to get verified and wish Instagram could see the hard work we are doing on their platform. Lastly I would like Drake to follow us back.”

In the meantime be sure to follow @TorontoRoom on all platforms!