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Interview: Cam Carter talks hip-hop influences, latest project 'Spaceships' and upcoming debut album

"My goal is not only to be timeless, but also ageless," said Carter. "That’s the beauty of being an artist."

Cam Carter is a recording artist from Memphis, Tennessee and is currently living in Los Angeles, California pursuing his music career.

REMIXD Magazine had the opportunity to speak more with Carter about his upbringing and how it's played a role in shaping his sound as a hip-hop artist today.

He told REMIXD that he "grew up in the hood" and knew how it felt to be at the "bottom, middle, and top" through various life experiences. He played football at one point in his life, and believed that it helped him be able to release excess energy as well as providing him with a sense of drive and grit.

When he was done playing football however, he explained that he still had an immense passion for hip-hop that most people didn't understand. He also described that his motivation to make music comes from him believing he has something to prove, and doesn't want to ever have to look back at his life and question, "What if?"

"If I can get paid doing something I love that makes it even more valuable to me because then I’ll never work a day in my life," Carter elaborated.

The Memphis native is also a songwriter, and says that he wants to be known as one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

"I like creating things and everything I have been through plays a role in everything I do now," Carter said. "It’s like I can do this for all the people that couldn’t be here and that’s what keeps me inspired and going."

The recording artist also revealed that he's been staying busy and productive throughout this quarantine, and told REMIXD Magazine that he's currently working on releasing his debut album, Halo into Hell, throughout the summer.

His most recent single, called "Spaceships" (produced by Mike Gonsolin) has been the artist's most recent effort and is about being abducted by an alien on a stolen spaceship and being brainwashed throughout the galaxy. The futuristic-sounding track highlights Carter's versatile ability as an artist.

"Now that I have all this talent and an entire arsenal of material, I’m excited to take it one song at a time and start banging these out for the world to enjoy," Carter said. "I feel relieved every time a song is released, even though my audience isn’t completely there yet. The thing about music though is that it’s supposed to be timeless. No matter our age and no matter how much time we have left on this earth, we’ll always have words. And with that music. My goal is not only to be timeless, but also ageless. That’s the beauty of being an artist."

When asked about how would he describe his sound as an artist, Carter responded, "I'm versatile." He says that he makes music that's based on how he feels, and doesn't necessarily stick to a particular concept or genre when creating.

"I am a songwriter first. When I have an idea or concept, I don’t let a genre barrier dictate where I’m going with that particular sound on that particular day," he continued.

Some of his main musical influences include: "2 Pac, Lil Wayne, Three Six Mafia, David Banner, Eminem, Jay Z, and more."

Cam Carter is just getting started and is a force to be reckoned with. His determination to succeed in the music industry is evident, and his ultimate goal is to "earn the respect from the hip-hop community."

You can be on the lookout for his upcoming debut, Halo into Hell, and keep up with him on social media @camcarter901.

In the meantime, you can check out some of his music below: