• Tallie Spencer

Interview: Emerging artist Kahlil Simplis reveals meaning behind "234" EP and discusses new project

Los Angeles-based rapper, songwriter, and producer, Kahlil Simplis started his music career at the age of 10, writing his own tunes inspired by music powerhouses such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Wu Tang Clan.

In an interview last week with RemixdMag, Simplis said that after his basketball career ended abruptly due to multiple injuries in high school, he discovered his passion for music and decided to pursue it as a new career.

Kahlil’s flare is defined by his hints of his Belizean and Egyptian

heritage blended with a sophisticated atmospheric sound emphasizing

stories of love, lust and luxury. With the success of his releases, “Ego”

"Tide" and "Chosen" under his self-owned label, Chosen Family Records,

he has released his new EP "234".

The LA-based singer revealed an inspiring story about what it was like transitioning from being a D1 athlete to pursuing a career in music, and how he’s found a passion in it. In the interview, he also talked about his debut EP, titled “234,” (available to stream everywhere) which was released when he decided that he would be taking his music career seriously. “234” was a significant number to him as a result of it symbolizing, “a fresh start.” As an emerging artist, Kahlil Simplis a driven and talented individual, and plans on continuously putting out more music over the course of this year.

“This number is one that I continuously see in life. I always catch 2:34 on the clock…I made this entire project in studio 234,” said Simplis in a statement. “Owning this studio started a new chapter in my life. A transition from where I was before, sleeping out of my car, trying to figure out the next step. So this project to me feels and discusses the subject of what 234 representation is. Manifesting. Starting over after me losing everything. Transforming.”