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Interview: Grace Weber drops soulful new EP 'How Did We Get Here'

The 5-track EP is a soulful, sonic bliss.

REMIXD Magazine spoke with singer-songwriter Grace Weber on Monday ahead of her EP release and discussed what fans would be able to expect from the album.

During the interview, Weber revealed that she hope listeners feel “empowered” when they hear it. She told REMIXD Magazine that the project came straight from the heart and was meant to tell a story of renewal and comeback after a tough season. The 5-track EP is filled with sonic bliss and unique melodies that showcase Weber's smooth R&B vocals. The project was created by producers Jack Dine and Louie Lastic, and features an appearance from Masego.

She also talked about what it means for artists to remain authentic on their journey and why it's important to "align your values with who you want to be as an artist."

Watch the video clip below:

Weber said during the interview that she will be releasing a full album in October of this year, so we’ll keep you posted on when that drops. You can stream “How Did We Get Here,” below.