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Interview: Independent artist Maxx Kenif talks upcoming project

Maxx Kenif On The Rise Vol.4 will be out everywhere soon!

Independent artist Maxx Kenif can best be described as a vibe curator. His music is sonically out of this world and definitely makes Kenif stand out from the rest. Since 2018, Maxx Kenif has released a total of 13 EP's including his latest project, MKOTR Vol. 3.

The Orange, NJ native is someone to keep on your radar as he is gearing up for the release of an upcoming project, Maxx Kenif On The Rise Vol.4 (MKOTR Vol. 4).

Remixd Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing with Kenif and learning more about the project. Watch the interview below!

"I knew I was gonna do music for a little while now but didn’t realize it until like after high school," Maxx Kenif told Remixd Magazine. "My older brother was a rapper from South Carolina (Freddie Gz) in the early 2000’s so I watched him do a lot of stuff and I kinda picked up on it but i ain’t wanna just follow his wave. I wanted to wait and build my own but it was like everything coming together at the right time kinda thing."

Maxx Kenif also revealed during the interview that his upbringing played a significant role in the music he makes today. Because his family spent a lot of time traveling, Kenif was able to pick up on different sounds and vibes from all over.

He describes his sound as "light speed music," which he says that it's music where you can "buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride, because you never know what sound you're gonna get from me, but I promise you it’s out this universe."

Some of his musical inspirations include Kid Cudi, Kanye, Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, Drake, and Aaliyah.

As far as what's next for him, he's dropping a project this month called Maxx Kenif On The Rise Vol.4, which will be the fourth project is the 4th chapter in the MKOTR series.

He wants his audience to know to "never give up on anything you do no matter what the obstacles that comes in your way."

Stream his latest project below, and follow @maxxkenif on all social platforms!