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Interview: Monét talks inspiration behind pursuing a music career

"Music gives joy, it consoles people through hard times, and heals the soul."

Meet Monét -- an upcoming singer from Orange County, CA who's making a name for herself. She decided to pursue a music career after having the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing on a Kidz Bop album when she was 13. After receiving a paycheck for it, she was in awe at how she was getting paid to do something she loved.

Now, she's building an empire and pursuing her passions to the fullest. Her latest single "Catfish" speaks on real life experiences in the music industry and witnessing how people seemingly put on a front and hide behind a screen. She plans to release a music video for "Catfish" soon, so make sure to be on the lookout for that.

As far as some of her goals for the future, Monét wants to go on tour, and also release music in time for Christmas!

Keep reading to learn more about Monét & follow her on IG @monet.anais.

What city are you from/ Where are you based now?

I was born and raised in Orange County, CA and still here! For about 3 years I lived in Los Angeles and have considered moving out of state, but these suburbs are gorgeous, clean, and nothing beats the California beaches.

What is your artist name? What is your real name? How did you get your artist name?

My real name is Monét and I also go by Monét! I feel the name is strong enough to stand on its own for a fierce popstar.

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in music?

When I was thirteen years old my choir director gave me the opportunity to sing on the Kidz Bop album. Being in the recording studio was so much fun and at the end of the day I received a check. I couldn’t believe it! Getting paid for doing something I love, I decided from then on I would pursue a career in music.

Has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining your sound today? If so, how?

Growing up, most family on my mother’s side was involved in music! My grandpa was in different bands, both my uncle and brother play multiple instruments, my mom is a worship leader and vocal coach, and my cousin is T-Boz in the girl group TLC. I would listen to different genres of music whether it was blues, rock, pop, opera and copy singing what I heard. Pop music is what I fell in love with most because I love upbeat vibes that people will want to dance to.

How would you describe your sound to readers who may not be familiar with you?

My past work is similar to Rihanna but the newer sound of my upcoming EP will be more like Doja Cat. At the end of the day, what you hear will be totally new because I’m Monét and have my own unique style.

What ultimately inspired you to dedicate yourself to a music career?

Completely surrounded by music my entire life, it has become what I eat, sleep, and breathe. I’m so incredibly passionate about the gift I’ve been given and want to share it with the world!

What’s one reason you are passionate about music and what inspires you?

Music gives joy, it consoles people through hard times, and heals the soul. I’m passionate about music because it’s a special gift that everyone can relate to no matter what age or race they are. Music is a universal language that brings people together.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music? What do you do to stay creative?

I love to be active! I exercise and spend time outdoors, whether it’s at the beach, hiking, or grounding. One of my favorite things to do is travel. So far, I’ve been to most of the States, The Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, The Bahamas, Mexico, and went on a spiritual retreat just last month in Costa Rica. Moments of creativity just flow to me which I call “downloads”, and I’ll write them down as they come. I truly need to be inspired to write my music, sometimes through an emotional advantage from relationships or based on something that’s currently going on in my life.

What were you doing before music?

I’ve really never had another career. Here and there I have picked up retail or restaurant jobs, and even worked in corporate for a while, but nothing has ever been fulfilling enough. The jobs I take are just to pay bills or for studio time to support my overall goals.

Who are some of your main musical influences?

I grew up listening to Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, JLO, Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne, and I absolutely love Britney Spears. Listening to all genres of music, my appreciation for various artists is wide.

What are some of your music career goals for the future?

I’m currently preparing for the music video release for my song “Catfish” and working on my first album. Upcoming plans to go on tour and put out music for Christmas are in the works!

Tell us the name of the project you are currently promoting? What inspired this project?

My most recent release is the song "Catfish." I was inspired to write this song because of my experience in this industry and in general, many people choose to hide who they truly are and put on a front.

Date that this project dropped or is set to drop?

The song was released in June and the music video will be coming this November.

What is this project about in your own words?

Often people keep a mask on, not literally but figuratively. Sometimes people are afraid to show who they are in fear of being judged and the ones who stay in the dark are hiding for a reason.

Is there a specific lyric on this track that speaks to you most?

In one of the verses I say “I ain’t with the labels, leave ‘em at the table where I count the money that I use to keep me stable. I ain’t need a man to make a check...”. As a biracial, bisexual, female in the industry I’ve had to stand on my own two feet and develop thick skin. With men running the show for so many years and taking advantage of the female presence, there’s never been a better time for us to rise up. I myself have relied on different people to push my career forward but time and time again I show up for myself and do the work. I don’t need anyone or anything to get me to my destination but me.

What’s one of your most proud moments of your music career so far?

Before the pandemic, I had the opportunity to sing for BET Experience weekend. 2 Johnson Entertainment put on the show Lipstick on the Mic and I opened for Cliff Vmir! It was so exciting to have such a big performance and get my name out there.

What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?

I’m actually just starting an EP with an up and coming producer Boolur which will be a prequel to my song Catfish. My sound is evolving as I continue to grow more as a person to showcase more of who I am. No dates or details on it yet, but stay tuned!

What message do you hope fans take away from your music and from this project?

I hope people will be inspired to be their true authentic self, to know they do not need a mask to hide who they are. We are all special in our own way so show that to the world.

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