• Tallie Spencer

Interview: NBA2k featured artist Fourtee talks being a hustler

Be on the lookout for the talented, independent artist!

Fourtee is a talented rapper who has a lot to offer the world. He refers to himself as being an 'executive artist,' which means he is capable of doing everything and knows the game well.

"Always had this feeling in the back of my mind that I will be very important in this industry and world," Fourtee told Remixd Magazine.

He describes his music as having a sound that boosts your confidence. In addition to its great vibes, Fourtee's songs are catchy and different. He truly remains versatile as an artist and is able to show off his skills. His standout track "Talk To Me Nice" is a great introduction to what he's capable of.

In a recent interview with @RemixdMag, Fourtee discussed what being an executive artist means to him in detail, as well as dropped some gems about owning your own music.

As far as what's next for him, the body of work that he's building at the moment is called Moon Walk (EP). It will be releasing before 2021 according to Fourtee.

Follow him on Instagram @kingfourtee and stream his music below.