• Tallie Spencer

Interview: Rising artist Olijade discusses his journey in music

Updated: Jan 22

"One of my long terms goals is just longevity, being able to make something that will last for years," Olijade told REMIXD Magazine.

Olijade is a Maryland-based R&B/Hip-Hop artist who is currently gaining traction as a newcomer in the music industry. The 20-year-old artist uses his music to empower his fans and speak his own truth. His ability to create a melodic song is undeniable, and REMIXD Magazine had a chance to sit down and get to know him on a more personal basis.

Olijade told REMIXD that he decided to pursue a music career when he was just 16-years-old.

"Music was definitely something that I understood growing up," he said. "I was a smart kid regardless of school not being my top priority, music seemed to be something that stayed with me forever, it calmed me down, got me hype, set the way I felt for the day." 

He describes his sound as unique, and lists iconic artists such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Childish Gambino as some of his main influences for his music.

His recent track, "My Worth," (which is available on all streaming platforms) showcases his ability to sing on a melodic beat and displays how experiential he can be as an artist. When asked about what makes him different as an artist, Olijade responded, "What I think stands out about me is my writing. I use storytelling that can be portrayed in a straightforward sense or hidden in different metaphors, analogies, word-play, and bars."

His debut EP that was released earlier this year called, Do As I Say, also demonstrates Olijade's skills and mark his growth overall as an artist.

"Do As I Say, is in my opinion, the best project I’ve made," Olijade said. "Seeing my own growth, not in a cocky sense but in a self-awareness sense, is refreshing and made me feel like a whole new artist, especially after making it. I felt so confident for when it dropped, and I think thats when I found a sound that I loved."

With tracks like "Hey I'm Hungover," and "Nothing," the artist becomes vulnerable with his fans and showcases to the world that he is not afraid to be authentic.

When asked about what ultimately inspired him to dedicate himself to a career in music, Olijade said that his friends played a huge role in helping him make that decision.

"I always was very scared and self-conscious of my voice due to stage fright, but my friends all helped me build my confidence. They were all on the same wave as me when it came to music and they still are too this day so, I really have them to thank for everything i’ve been doing," he told REMIXD.

As far as his career goals for the future, Olijade ultimately wants to be able to travel the world and perform his music.

"One of my long terms goals is just longevity, being able to make something that will last for years," he said. "Like an Olijade Essentials album full of the greatest hits I’ve ever made, thats something I need to have."

Something that he hopes that fans take away from his music is that they "let themselves feel emotions."

"Love isn’t linear, and with love comes pain but that doesn’t take away from your self-worth or the happiness you could feel within yourself," he said. "Don't ever let anybody tell you what you are or who you are or let them control you. As a human, you’re your own individual so live your life how you want to."

You can follow Olijade on Instagram & stream his music on all platforms.