• Tallie Spencer

Interview: Teejay3k shares advice for independent artists

In an interview with Remixd Magazine, Teejay3k advised upcoming artists to "stay consistent" and "don't be afraid to invest in yourself."

Rapper Teejay3k is a fast-emerging artist who's quickly building a name for himself, and is someone that you should definitely keep on your radar. With the natural ability to switch between singing and rapping effortlessly on his tracks, Teejay3k sets himself apart and from other rappers.

He first broke out onto the scene with his 2019 project Soul Searchin, which featured appearances from Mozzy, Quando Rondo and others. Now, the rapper hailing from Florida has no plans to stop any time soon and just released more music.

His most recent release is Introvert: Side A and Side B which just dropped last week.

Remixd Magazine had the opportunity to interview the Florida native about how he broke out on the scene, how the two sides of Introvert are different, and how he's managed to stay busy during quarantine.

We got into how he got started in music, artists he’s worked with, advice he has for independent artists (be consistent), and where to send beats/features to. Watch the full interview below on @RemixdMag to hear some of the gems.

Also, in the meantime make sure to stream Introvert: Side A and Side B.