• Jason Leal

Interview: Yhung T.O. talks SOB X RBE split, solo career, relationship with Nipsey Hussle, & more

In an interview with Remixd Magazine, Yhung T.O. speaks about his new RBE label, upcoming music, and dropped some free game.

Bay area artist Yhung T.O., formerly a member of SOB X RBE, has some big plans for 2021 to take his career to the next level. During an interview with Remixd Magazine, Yhung T.O., who was in the midst of filming a music video with rapper Pacman Da Gunman at the time, sat down with host Tallie Spencer to speak about his music career and plans for the future.

While it's a known fact that Yhung T.O. has parted ways with the SOB X RBE group as of late 2020 and is currently pursuing a solo career, the rapper went into detail about some of the reasons why. During the IG live, he claimed the split from SOB was not on good terms, and he does not keep in contact with his former groupmates.

"We tried to make it work but it just didn't work out," he said during the IG live. "They (SOB) snakes."

Watch the interview below.

When asked about if he felt as though it's easier to be part of a group versus a solo career, the former SOB x RBE member stated that his solo career is less hectic since he doesn't have to "cater" to other people.

Yhung T.O. told Remixd Magazine that the group tried to make it work "for the sake of the fans" since they broke up the first time two years ago, got back together, and kept it going up until now.

In a 2018 IG post that has since been deleted, Yhung T.O. expanded on the situation to his audience and wrote ,"No matter how hard you try to keep shit together sometimes shit just be destined." The artist also explained that the group was "just on different terms," and there was "disloyalty," in the group.

The RBE rapper went on to describe his new record label RBE Records, which is independently run by him and currently has two artists signed to his roster -- Lil Sheek and Lil Noonie. According to T.O., his two signees will be releasing projects this year.

As far as projects that he's working on putting out individually, Yhung T.O. said fans can be on the lookout for Angels and Demons, as well as another installment of the On My Momma saga, On My Momma 3.

During the 30-minute interview, Yhung T.O. also gets into his relationship with the late-great Nipsey Hussle. He states their relationship came into fruition when he finally moved to LA. According to Yhung T.O., the first time the two met, they "chopped it up for 2-3 hours" but didn't get to collaborate on anything. Yhung T.O. explained that their friendship was "genuine," and Hussle always offered choice words of advice as well as helped him during a hard time in his life.

"Nipsey went out of his way to make sure I was good, and to me that meant everything," T.O. said.

Since becoming a solo artist a few months ago, Yhung T.O. has made some big moves, especially with his latest collaboration project with Los Angeles rapper Pacman da Gunman. The pair dropped a project together entitled Lord Knows, which came out in late December 2020. Yhung T.O. stated that this joint project was vital for the West Coast and that it was time for the Bay Area and LA "to come together" and create a "Bay to LA" movement. The sixteen-track project is versatile, with stand out tracks like "Lord Knows," "Broke the Bank," and "Heaven 4 Thugs."

Check out Yhung T.O.'s latest visual with Pacman da Gunman for their song "Heaven 4 Thugs."