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Ja Rule and Fat Joe go back and forth ahead of epic Verzuz battle

Ja Rule and Fat Joe are set to put their catalog strength on display as they battle it out at Madison Square Garden this Tuesday.

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The gloves are off. New York music heroes Fat Joe and his long-time ally, Ja Rule will be on different ends of the ring during their Verzuz face-off at the Madison Square Garden this Tuesday, September 14th, 2021.

The Terror Squad leader Fat Joe and Murda Inc’s talisman Ja Rule have always been close as musicians and friends, nostalgically siding together in an age-long beef against their mutual music arch rival during the early 2000’s – Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

In preparation for their VERZUZ this coming Tuesday, the clap backs and banter over who will notch this grand showdown is only getting spicier as Ja' has threatened to make Joe sweat out his signature Versace shirt.

“Crack, my brother. So, you gone drag me through these streets, huh? I like that. That’s cool - ‘cause I’m comfortable there – ‘cause I’m gonna drag you through that stage. See you gone have to perform those records, word for word, bar for bar, I’ll make you sweat out that mf-ckin Versace. That Hermes, you gone sweat that out.”

Without a doubt, it was "Mr. Today's Price Is Not Yesterday's Price" who riled up Murda Inc's talisman, and we are here for it.

Fat Joe & Ja Rule History

Once upon a time when timbs and oversized throwback jerseys with durags was the flyest drip in the East Coast, rappers earned their stripes through heavy lyricism on tight club bangers.

As fate would have it, NY's scene had heavy hitters from NORE, Jay-Z, Nas, Methodman, Redman, Dipset, Diddy & more. The beef over who was the new King Of New York Hip Hop was at its height during the mid 2000’s. 50 Cent's emergence as a force in the mainstream raffled Ja and Crack's feathers. As it boiled over into involving other New York bigwigs including G-Unit, The Lox, and more, this only drew Ja' and Crack closer.

The battle that spawned direct diss records such as 50’s ‘Piggy Bank’, ‘I Get Money’, to Ja Rule and Joe’s ‘New York’ where they claimed they had “100 goons, 100 clips if 50 Cent dared to take it to the streets”.

Fast forward it’s 2021, the lockdown from the pandemic is easing up, and the historic VERZUZ is pitting long-time music legends against one another to celebrate their musical legacies simultaneously battling out over a 20-record extravaganza.

Most recently, The Lox took on Dipset in a textbook battle that trended all over social media, and reminded us of their long-lost classics.

Next up on the list, Ja Rule and the iconic Fat Joe will take on one another at the intimidating MSG Arena and the event will be streamed live on Apple Music, as well as physical tickets will be on sale for the massive clash dearest to New Yorkers and hip hop fans alike.

Will the artists put out their stacked classics like 'All The Way Up', 'Make It Rain', Always On Time', 'I'm Real', 'I Wont Tell', 'Lean Back'? We can't wait.