• Kaela Carter

Jay Montana releases latest mixtape 'B4DACHECK'

The young emcee is the latest artist out of Mobile, Alabama gaining popularity within the rap game and it is well deserved. While he cites Atlanta heavy-hitters Future and Lil Baby as influences, Jay Montana is definitely creating his own sound dropping the most clever bars in

his deeply southern accent that makes his delivery that much smoother. He has only been pursuing his musical career for a little over a year now but has made big strides knowing he could really be successful after the overwhelming positive response from listeners to his single "Don't Panic."

His newest project "B4DACHECK" is the most time and energy he has put into any body of work he has released so far and the perfectly placed 10 tracks reflect that. He constantly switches up his flow so listeners never get bored and reflects on his increase in visibility and how that has consequentially affected the relationships he shares with others. His ability to be vulnerable about these ordeals on songs like the guitar infused "Lost Souls" or outro track "The Pain Show" allows him to connect with listeners on the one thing that is inevitable in anyone's lifetime: change. If this mixtape proves nothing else it is that Montana is surely an artist to watch.

Be sure to check out "B4DACHECK" and more from Jay Montana below.