• kalishap23

Jeda Voice is the next R&B star

Jeda Voice is an independent artist who is a star on the rise! His name comes from being told he had a great voice, something for the world, then he saw his name in a vision. He wrote it down and has been Jeda Voice ever since. The California native is proud of where he came from, and you can hear it in his music.

When asked why music is a passion of his, Jeda Voice responded, “Music has this deep soul tie with me I believe it chose me and we all have choices, and my choice is to use my gift the best way possible.”

What he loves the most about being an artist is the connection he has with his music. Music has this deep soul tie with Jeda Voice and he believes it chose him and we all have choices and his choice is to utilize his gift the best way possible. His goals in the music industry are to one day work with Kanye West, Ty Dolla Sign, and H.E.R. He is working on the release of his newest project “Purple Rain Part 2” so be sure to tap in once it drops!

Instagram: jedavoice