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Jervel Plaisir is building a streaming platform catered to independent artists

Wave Entertainment wants to shift the focus from mainstream artists to rising talent.

Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal are the primary ways that most millennials listen to new music. In fact, a Billboard study found that more than three-fourths of the American internet-using population over the age of 13 is now streaming music. It's no wonder that increasingly more artists have opportunities to be discovered and have their sound heard by the masses. But Jervel Plaisir found that some of the popular streaming platforms really only showcase mainstream talent, and fail to represent talented, independent artists as often.

Plaisir, founder and CEO of Wave Entertainment, decided to change that narrative and took his frustrations with the lack of support for peripheral artists on mainstream streaming platforms, and decided to build his own platform that provided opportunities for emerging artists.

"We are looking to create a community and a one-stop-shop for an artist's needs," Plaisir said in an interview. "We are incorporating analytical tools for artists to track the fluctuation of their music, industry professionals to scout and gather insight on artists while protecting the atmosphere for artists to develop without the shadow of mainstream artists and more."

While the Wave Entertainment streaming platform is still in the development stages, Plaisir's mission and vision is clear. He wants his platform to help shift the focus from streaming well-known artists to creating a community that is supportive of rising talent.

"Wave Entertainment will be the pioneer in changing the outlook and remove the shadow that of peripheral artists face on our competitor platforms that are geared to artists who are backed significantly by music industry influencers," he continued.

Plaisir is not only looking to create a platform that is only focused on streaming, but he wants to create a brand that has a lasting impact and changes the lives of independent and emerging artists everywhere.

"Wave Entertainment music streaming is just the cusp of what we have in store for the brand," Plaisir said. "We are planning a rollout to showcase new features on the platform for years to come."

In an interview with RemixdMag, Plaisir shares his inspirations and offers some great words of advice for young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Keep reading to learn more about him.

How would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

I am a young entrepreneur that believes that life is only as good as one makes it. I am a fun-loving creative that loves to meet new people and ideate. Doing what I love and loving what I do, is what I strive for - this mentality has transcended into my professional aspirations. Although I live in the moment, I push myself to my maximum potential to achieve more than expected.

What do you enjoy most about being the founder of a new streaming platform?

There are many benefits of being a founder of a new streaming platform, but nothing can top the fact I am doing something I love, for the people I love, within an industry that I love. Artists, producers, and creatives are the heartbeat of the world. Our bodies live on a cadence, and musicians recreate our emotions in an audio format. Being aware that I am helping so many artists to have a place for their own and no longer have to fight for the spotlight with mainstream artists is what makes the experience worthwhile. Labels and management teams have millions of dollars for marketing and artist development, which overshadow the artists who do not have the same resources but deserve to be heard. Being an entrepreneur is not always fun but being able to create something of my own that is helping someone else, makes me happy and motivated to continue on this journey.

What skills do you have that led you to be able to start your own company?

There are many skills needed to be an entrepreneur, but to be a great one requires three skills. Marketing, communication, and salesmanship are the three pillars that will propel the success of one's endeavors. Throughout the initial stages of Wave Entertainment, I realized anything can be a product or made into a service. Without the ability to package and convey an ideas importance, one will not scale their concept to a level of a sustainable business. An entrepreneur must be persistent, dedicated, and resilient. There are days where it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but being an effective entrepreneur can create their own light in the tunnel until they reach the end of it.

Do you have any role models or influences that have guided your journey?

I researched the route of being successful and the obstacles of being an entrepreneur. Two individuals stood out to me, Tyler Perry and Steve Jobs. Mr. Perry came from nothing, and despite the industry norms, he produced, wrote his movies and plays, opened the first black-owned production studio, and gives back to the black community in more ways than monetary contributions. He paves the way and displays what black excellence looks like and destroys the negative stigmas and connotations that have been placed on us. Steve Jobs is another individual that exhibits many of the personality traits that I embody. Being an entrepreneur is hard, especially getting others on board to see your vision and take the business as their own. Mr. Jobs was able to create a following that expects the best out of every product released, and this attention to detail has been held even after his unfortunate passing.

What are some things that you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of on your journey so far?

I am most proud of how seamlessly I transitioned from law into music and entertainment. During this pivot, I taught myself graphic design, which landed me an internship at the world’s largest record label, Atlantic Records. I have worked with influential music industry professionals along with artists like YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Kehlani, Trey Songz, Kevin Gates, YBN Cordae, Rico Nasty, and many more. This experience was invaluable not because of the artists I was doing work for but the hard-working individuals behind the scenes, assisting and ensuring the success of their artists. From this opportunity, I created artwork for Quando Rondo that was posted all over Atlanta, Georgia. This helped me land a commissioned graphic designer position at Atlantic Records to design for many other artists as well. In addition to my professional endeavors, I was completing my masters and working full time. I want to make note that I believe every day is a blessing from God. I am blessed to be able to have had all of these opportunities while juggling all of my responsibilities. Many days are stressful and lonely, but when you see the fruits of your labor, each little win makes it all worth it.

What words of advice would you have for aspiring young entrepreneurs?

Be persistent, dedicated, and resilient. Either someone will question you, you will question yourself, or something doesn’t go as planned, but the ability to learn from prior mistakes and to continue pushing to your goal will set you apart from the rest. Always stay humble and be willing to learn from others because no one is perfect. Also to understand that each failure is a learning opportunity and each success is something you now have to work to accomplish again or surpass.

How do you think your platform will help artists and producers looking to gain the attention of the masses?

Many streaming services that exist today are focused on having well-known artists use their platform. However, we are focusing on creating a community and where each helps one another get better, to network, become more professional, and get to that next level. Wave Entertainment is not for every artist, however, for those who use our platform will notice the sense and focus on authenticity, love, passion, and community. Each feature we foster is furthering our goal and desire to help an artist unlock their true potential. With the help of each user, we will gain international recognition for artist development in which we will use that spotlight to share peripheral artists who are breaking into the mainstream.

You can keep up with Jervel Plaisir on social media below, and stay tuned for updates regarding Wave Entertainment.

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