• Tallie Spencer

Jetset Da Future speaks on bringing a lofi sound to his R&B music

Atlanta-based artist Jetset Da Future is bringing a new and diverse sound to the music game.

"I’ve reinvented my sound over the years while making music," Jetset told Remixd Magazine. "My current sound is chill lofi and R&B sound. I bring the past with a splash of the future."

Some standout tracks that introduce audiences to his unique sound include "Jet Skiii," "WiFi LuV" and "Aye Eye I." All of the tracks showcase an emotional/ vulnerable side for Jetset.

"They’re songs of me being 'in my feelings' because I want to express my love to a woman one day, but until that day comes I’m single and writing love songs," he said.

Jetset Da Future's latest single is "Wifi LuV," and features an appearance from another independent artist Deon Boston. The track is set to appear on Jetset's upcoming project, which will be releasing this year.

One reason Jetset believes that music is a euphoric experience for him and something that he wants to continue to pursue, is because he says that his music has saved people from committing self-harm.

"There’s multiple things that inspire me, the top two things being my daughter and the fact that I’ve had listeners tell me that my music has saved them from self harming and ending their lives and keeps them pushing forward in life," he said.

As far as what he has planned for the future, he says that he has more heat on the way.

"The plan is to go a different route with how we create our music," Jetset responded. "To integrate the old school sound and new school sound, but to also blend futuristic sounds."

Stream some of his music below and keep up with him @jetsetrfuture!