• Sabine Agnant

John Michael drops new single "Bad Babe" and it’s all about that special someone

Updated: Sep 25

"I love that music connects people and makes you feel. I’m inspired by great music and great performers."

John Michael is a singer/musician who was born and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He just dropped the beautiful visual for “Bad Babe,” and it's everything and more! It's an upbeat, overall feel-good song that audiences can enjoy and relate to.

The very first scene of the visual starts out with a positive vibe and shows two people standing right in front of each other and looking at each other with love in their eyes. This means that the song tries to attract the audience by showing that there is an intimate relation between the two people, the man who is John Michael, the woman being the so called title of the song “Bad Babe.”

"'Bad Babe' is about when you’re out having fun, and then you meet someone… and then it becomes about just you and them," John Michael said in the interview.

This song depicts how two people tend to meet each other while in their downtime and then they start to develop feelings for each other, which requires certain type of traits to attract each other. The song displays what it means to be intimate and close to someone to the point where it can reduce their stress and other psychological and physical pressures. This song also depicts the fact that forming relations with each other is part of human nature.

The singer John Michael has shown a lot about his qualities through this song. His voice is soothing, which makes sense because some of his main musical influences include "Usher, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Omarion, 112, and Justin Bieber."

He has also shown skill in his dance moves and it's no wonder, because before music, he tells Remixd Magazine that he was a professional dancer.

"I’ve worked for many major artists and TV/Film projects," John Michael said. "I’ve been in movies, television shows, commercials, award shows, and tours. I’ve done it all.”

In the start of the "Bad Babe" visual, he wore a black shirt that reads "Arkansas" on it, which showcases the name of the place where his life began. Later on he wears a sleeveless shirt that pictures the Los Angeles Knights, which shows his current residence and living. This is a good aspect to think about when directing a video.

Audiences can clearly see the energy in his performance and the passion with which he sang the song.

"Honestly, it’s been a progressive journey," he said. "The more I grew and worked with different people, the more I realized how much I loved this; and when I wrote and recorded my first song, I was ready to fully dedicate myself."

Overall the song has a positive music with it and able to lift the hearts of people enough to make them forget their worries for a brief moment of life.

Check out the visual for "Bad Babe" below.