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JuS CODE shares new visualizer for "Promise"

Updated: Jul 1

Check out "Promise," out now.

CODE Music Group’s CEO/Musician, JuS CODE, gets deep on his new record "Promise." JuS uses autotune to pair with his passionate tone to share a story about women, liquor, and his ever-changing life on the latest record. The single fits right in the lane of what is extremely popular in the industry today. The consistent hard-hitting beat with various sounds and high BPM keeps the mind racing while JuS raps away. The LA-based rapper knows that many of the women in his past wish they had another chance at him now that he is up. There is not much that will get in the way of JuS becoming one of rap's more impactful musicians. His versatility and range as a creative are proven more and more as time passes. Everyone has the one that they never want to getaway. Unfortunately, JuS is in an industry that makes it hard to keep love. On the latest track, he speaks about his upbringing and how it affects his life now. Things are different for him now and will be like that forever. So anyone who wants to be with him is going to have to understand that. Check out the visualizer for "Promise" below today!