• Sabine Agnant

Kahlil Simplis shares new visual for "All The Way"

Singer Kahlil Simplis is a rising star in the world of music that one should keep his eyes and ears open for. The singer is based in LA and has been able to produce quality music in his career as a music artist. He has an uplifting positive sound when compared with other rappers. His latest single “All The Way” is no different -- the song starts off with hands of a woman moving softly over the face of Kahlil Simplis and then the singer delivers the very essence of the message that the song delivers and incorporates in the mind of the people.

"Like all the way, I don’t need your heart half-filled all the way / You’re gonna have to show me that you in it all the way / Shit I could lose it all day, you’re gonna have to show me loyalty in certain way / Then I’ll be going all the way"

The initial lyrics of the song quoted above mean to tell that one should give fullest effort to their dreams, their life goals, their career, and their relationships. He sends the message on the song that no one should do anything with half a heart, or half a will to give it.

In this song, Kahlil implies that people should always try their best in all fields of life. This requires a person to be loyal to the cause or whatever they are doing which is also a message perceived in this song. Without loyalty there can be nothing, there can be no honest work, there can be no solid relation -- the word of someone means nothing if they are not loyal to something or someone.

Then the singer intends to talk about persistency, the fact that a person should be continuous in their effort to acquire something, to solve their life issues or problems. This also involves risk in times of need as symbolically shown in the part of the lyric shown below;

"Tequila and these women are two things that I’ll never change, had to risk it all to get it, couldn’t play it safe," Kahlil sings on the track.

The style of the singer is different in terms of the overall positivity which is delivered in the song. This is illustrated in the lyrics below, and hence the song is truly a piece of work.

“My frequency is different because my mind is at a higher place, I’ll be counting blessings at the highest rates.”

Go check out his new video "All The Way" below.