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Kiko Blac announces new single "Sit Down" is dropping this Friday

Up and coming artist Kiko Blac is all about spreading positivity and staying true to yourself! Growing up with a family that didn’t come from money, Kiko Blac was motivated to make a name for herself and live a life with no worries. At 18 years old, the up-and-coming artist made the decision to move away from her hometown in Baltimore, Maryland, to follow her passion in music.

“I always knew that Baltimore wasn’t big enough for my dreams.” She revealed, “I have always wanted more out of life than what I felt Baltimore could offer even if it is always going to be home. When I turned 18, I knew it was time, I craved to hustle and wanted make something out of myself. Where would be better than the Mecca of rap music?”

Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, the up-and-coming artist has made it clear that nothing would get in the way of achieving her goals! After dedicating years into her craft, Kiko Blac shares her thoughts on what she loves the most about being a musician.

“I love the amount of creative expression that music allows, it’s fun, it makes me feel like I’m always in the right place when Im working.” She admits, “It also requires a lot of travel, that’s something I have always enjoyed. All I have ever wanted was to do something that truly made me happy and making music does all of that for me, it checks off all my boxes.”

Ultimately, Kiko Blac hopes to inspire her fans to always be themselves, be happy, and to live free. Coming into the music industry with a whole new vibe, her goal is to connect with her fans through her lyrics guiding them to love life and to always feel confident!

In the future, the independent artist will continue to build her name, break society norms, and live her life to the fullest. She plans to drop new music this year starting with her highly anticipated single “Sit Down” that will be released on all streaming platforms THIS FRIDAY! Make sure to set your alarms and be ready for that new music drop!

“Sit Down” will be out on Friday and will be available on all streaming sites.

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