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California artist Krishi has new heat on the way

Updated: Nov 4

Krishi is an aspiring artist who is destined to make it in his music career. Through his lyrics, the 18-year-old sheds light on love, success, and luxury. Born and raised in California, Krishi spent the last year of the pandemic fine-tuning music after discovering his love for song writing. His career began with writing music for a friend a couple years ago. It quickly became clear that Krishi had a rare talent – he was hooked.

What he enjoys the most about being an artist is the fact that he can share his life story with his listeners. He knows that they are his number one supporters and will be there for him always. He wants them to know that if he can d anything the he can set his mind too so can they.

In his opinion, what makes him stand out from other artist is his composition skills. Krishi genuinely believes that his lyrics always carry a meaning throughout the song and the audience will just catch on. He has been most noticed for my his song called “Dark Love.” This track alone had surpassed 1M streams throughout all platforms and counting. After his music career he would like to open up a clothing store for his clothing brand in the future as well.

Instagram: Krishi.otw

YouTube: Krishi