• Michaela Greene

LA rapper AQ unleashes his latest EP 'Hollywood Hurts'

Hollywood is known as the city of show-business, money, and power. As glamorous as Hollywood may be, Los Angeles rapper AQ speaks on how it can also be a humbling city in his latest EP Hollywood Hurts. A project that tells a story about AQ's come-up; involving the temptations of partying, women, and the pursuit of achieving his dreams.

“Hollywood Hurts” is a metaphor I used to motivate myself. I look at Hollywood as a measure of where my status is at in life, so for me being turned away or not having the certain access I would like at places is motivating. It’s about achieving dreams, reaching the highest level of success you could think of. You’ll be quickly humbled by Hollywood, the city is not for the faint of heart."

Hollywood Hurts is nothing short of a smooth project as AQ effortlessly expresses his luxurious lifestyle. With exciting lyricism and hard-hitting beats, the opening track, also titled "Hollywood Hurts", sets the tone for the project. Also providing features from WaveMVP, J. Star, and Casey Veggies, this new EP successfully caters to the notorious sound of Los Angeles.

"LA plays a major role in the way I make music," AQ said. "The LA dance culture is huge for me, so the beats I choose have a certain groove to them that I want the listener to be able to dance. The way I talk, the slang I use in my songs, the places I reference in the music. When I think of LA as a whole, I’d say I am the city, the city is me. I love Los Angeles, it made me who I am."

When asked about his favorite song on the project, AQ explained how the track "Obsessed" is his go-to anthem:

"The beat, hook, my flow, the lyrics of what I’m saying, sh*t, everything just came out magical on that one. As soon as I heard the beat a flow instantly came to me, those are the songs I feel come out the best for me. Also, the lyrics speak to certain situations I’m dealing with when it comes to a woman. Definitely obsessed!"

With AQ also launching his new clothing brand titled "Wishful Thinking," the rapper plans to use his platform to make a positive impact and inspire others to pursue their dreams as well.

"I’m big on reaching back to help others, I think everyone can use some help, especially when the person is serious, passionate & dedicated about a dream. I think we can influence culture and shape the world into how we see it. Being someone people can look at as an inspiration. If I can achieve these things, so can you!"

AQ is quickly becoming one of Los Angeles’ brightest new artists with his consistency and quality sound. As he continues to grow as an artist with each release, the rising star has a message that he wants fans to take away from this project:

"I want people to dance, smile, cry, think about that one ex that changed things for you, that one time you partied in Hollywood and you had a blast, the time you and your best friend had an amazing night together. I want people to enjoy the project and I hope they do," AQ said.

Be sure to stream AQ's latest EP Hollywood Hurts out now on all platforms!