• Jason Leal

Late rapper King Von releases gripping posthumous visual for "Wayne's Story"

The late rapper’s family is celebrating King Von's legacy by releasing the powerful visual for “Wayne’s Story,” which is one of Von’s favorite visuals from his final project, Welcome to O’Block.

King Von's visual, "Wayne's Story," is about the cyclical violence that young men face growing up in the Southside of Chicago and the effects it has on the family as well. In the video, King Von who's dressed in all white, appears as almost an angel, or omniscience in the visual. Von follows a boy he dubs “Shorty” around, narrating and documenting the events of his life.

“It’s a story about a shorty and he just grew up bad,” Von told UPROXX in one of his final interviews. “He started young. He trying to hit a lick. He tries to go rob a guy named Wayne. Wayne sees him trying to rob him and they get in a shootout. The boy gets away, but Wayne ends up killing the boy’s cousin. It’s just crazy.”

The track is very emotional and sentimental of his signature storytelling flow. Von follows Shorty and his entanglement of gang activities and life of crime. In the visual, Von details his life in the streets, from murder to theft. Von states this is the only thing Shorty thinks he will succeed in, and that is why he picked this path, "School or the streets, shorty gotta choose (Huh?)/ He picked the wrong one, shorty finna lose (Damn)/ He don't even hustle, shorty act some fool/ And he ain't got no money, shorty shoulda hooped."

Following this lyric, Von impressively switches the flow to a more upbeat drill sound, matching the content of the song to the form of the beat, as Shorty gets closer and closer to impending cyclical doom. The video nears its end with Shorty plotting a robbery on someone (Wayne) when it goes south, however, and the guy finds out it was Shorty who tried to rob him. Shorty's cousin is collateral damage, and the video ends with him getting justice, as the video ends with, "To be continued."

The video is reminiscent of Von's "Crazy Story" saga, which is three videos, all linear stories, surrounding a robbery gone wrong.

Check out the visual for "Wayne's Story" here.