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Listen: Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja team up for a joint project titled, Same Difference

Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja's latest EP, Same Difference, is out everywhere now!

Same Difference offers insane lyrical content and an escapist theme. That will grip anyone. Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja prove themselves with their joint project, with conscious rap melodies and slow, melancholic beats that will leave you in reverence. The seven-track EP is attractive, intelligent, and even humorous at times, with a funny skit halfway through the project on their song "Blinded." Where the duo air out their grievances with each other from ash on the floor, not paying studio fees, and just being annoying, the pair offer an impressive, melodic, and nostalgic EP, which is raw and astronomical.

Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja also released a visual for their single "Jump In." The leading record for the EP and one of the most notable. The song features a melodic beat and vibe that is sure to elevate you to another level. "Jump In" opens with Sanity at the beach, given these visions of some spiritual being all around him that he can only see. The visual brings enlightenment to a new meaning as Sanity drops bars and wisdom, focusing on his spiritual quest.

Be sure to check out Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja's latest EP, Same Differences, below!