• Tallie Spencer

Listen: XION MCKNIGHT drops new song 'PEACE'

"PEACE" is out now on all platforms.

Independent R&B/Hip Hop artist XION MCKNIGHT has the mindset that everyone reciprocates the energy that they put out into the universe. The ambitious artist has done just that and has been consistent with his music releases thus far. Now, Xion is back and better than before with the release of his latest single "PEACE," out now on all platforms.

"PEACE" is a soothing R&B track that encompasses the artist's talents and vocal ability as a whole. He's able to masterfully craft a balance between a laidback and powerful sound on the track, and sets the tone for what fans can expect from him in the future.

Xion's music pulls in the direction of being a blend between rapping and singing -- an ode to his Atlanta-based sound. Even on his smoothest tracks, Xion has adopted the persona of a rapper when sharing personal experiences on his tracks. With his ability to effortlessly blend the seams between melodic R&B and powerful hip hop delivery, Xion's sound can be described as versatile. His lyrics contain substance for fans who listen for verses and themes, but his music is also something that you can definitely vibe to.

The artist's name means something interesting. When asked about how he got it, Xion replied: "I named myself Xion because I was influenced by the meaning of the word Xion, which means 'highest point,' -- so for me I want to reach the highest point of my career, as well as the highest point of myself as a human being."

Through his music, Xion wants to serve as an inspiration to others and encourage them to not give up on their dreams.

"Don’t give up," Xion said in his own words. "Don’t listen to what nobody else talking about. Just focus on you and your vision and always remain positive."

"I’m passionate about it because it’s just who am and I’m naturally a passionate person," Xion said. "If I do anything, I like to do it 100% … not halfway. And life inspires me. The ups and the downs, being accepted, being denied. A lot of the little things."

You can support Xion on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music. Listeners will be able to relate to him on a personal level, and experience the overall feel-good vibes radiating from his music.

His new track "PEACE" is his latest effort and is something you'll be able to add to your night-drive playlist.

Keep up with Xion on social media: Instagram: @xionmcknight and Twitter: @mikemcknight97.

Listen to his new track "PEACE," below.