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Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture release debut album '1827 N Pearl'

PC: Michael Rakim

Boundary-breaking collective L.O.V.E Culture release their debut album 1827 N Pearl, a 14 track journey through the sonic and social landscapes of Jacksonville, Florida. The seven piece group infuses their infectious energy into an undeniably captivating confluence of neo-trap, alt, punk, neo-soul and hip-hop sounds that so frequently find themselves on opposing side of the musical ecosystem. 1827 N Pearl is akin to a film set, and L.O.V.E Culture are the main characters, each with a unique identity and influence ranging in scope from Smino to Bad Brains and Outkast to Erykah Badu. It is within this setting and through the dialogue of these characters that we are swept into a story of struggles, triumphs, aspirations, and brash braggadocio that espouse the core ideals of family, positivity and perseverance.

Accompanying the album release is the official video for its lead single "RUN UP A CHECK." The visual has a gritty, raw, lofi feel and documents the collective cruising in a faded Crown Victoria, donning black track suits, ski masks and crowbars on a series of heists culminating in the robbery of the local drug kingpin. What on the surface resembles a common trope we’ve seen explored through all forms of media actually serves as a metaphor for the pursuit of abundance by any means necessary.

Composed of Rob Mari, Che, Flash, EASYin2D, SpiritXIII, DJ Larry Love and TrashBeatsAlan, L.O.V.E Culture formed organically through a chance collaboration at 1827 N Pearl, the place they all first came together. There they found that not only did their talents complement each other, but they also gelled on a deeper level than just mutual artistic respect. The group began to take on a more familial aspect - they shared similar feelings of frustration with the local scene that they had experienced as solo artists and yearned to bring a more artistic and multi-dimensional take on the music they had grown up on and were surrounded by.

Everything the collective puts out is done in house, from the production to the visuals. Since joining forces in 2016, the collective has released two EPs which include fan favorite tracks "Shade" and "Don't Matter". With a motto of “be like water,” their adaptability and go with the flow mindset is felt in their music. They know when to be calm and still and when to rage like a rapid river. Bringing positive and strong lyricism to the local and national music scene where it is currently lacking, L.O.V.E Culture is a statement letting the masses know that a little love can go a long way and that the love for music can translate into love for each other.