• Kaela Carter

Lundon Avery speaks on his genre-fluid sound and his many talents within music

New York-based Lundon Avery is a multi-hyphenated artist making waves within the music industry.

"I honestly don't feel like I have one specific sound," Avery told Remixd Magazine. "I like to experiment blending different genres together; anything from R&B, trap, pop, to dancehall."

Lundon Avery has always had a love for music but was truly motivated to pursue it because of his brothers and older cousin. "My older brothers and cousin worked really hard to keep me out the streets so that I can focus on music, even though they were heavily involved," he stated. "When the world took them from me I felt the need to go even harder with my music so their work never went in vain."

For new listeners looking to get acquainted with Avery's work, his first project A Tale of Two Cities would be a good place to start. Aside from the intro on this tape, he produced, wrote and engineered every song so it allows audiences to truly hear and experience his many talents. "Every note, lyric and melody was my expression in raw form," he said.

He has since released new music with his latest song "Intro" serving as the lead single for his upcoming self-titled project. "I wanted to give people an introduction to my sound and my story," he shared. The response to the single has been well-received with it being featured on ESPN talk shows and even played at a Lakers game.

With the release of his self-titled project nearing, Avery is excited not only for its debut but also to begin working on his next project A Tale of Two Cities II. "I'm getting back to my production bag and I want to incorporate more and more live instruments into my sound," he shared when asked about what listeners could look forward to.

In the meantime be sure to keep up with all things Lundon Avery @lundonavery on all social platforms!