• Tallie Spencer

Marlounsly releases dreamy music video for "Honey"

The visual is a vibrant, colorful island escape.

Marlounsly dances in what appears to be an island oasis in her new video for "Honey." The music video kicked off the start of Mother's Day Weekend, and has a vibrant, dreamy scheme that just as fun to watch as the song is to listen to.

Throughout the video, the South Florida-based singer swings and sways to the ballad while singing directly to the camera. The R&B-tinged song matches its dynamic visuals and vibrant backdrops.

In a recent interview with RemixdMag on Instagram Live, Marlounsly told the audience that “Honey” was created as the result of her freestyle singing to a beat one day.

As far as creating the visuals, the singer said that she just felt out the vibes of the song and already knew how she wanted it to look. She also revealed that the video was filmed in Miami in a quiet backyard.

"The beat was just so chill, I saw myself on an island," Marlounsly told RemixdMag. "It was just like a peaceful backyard, island-y area that I was able to have fun it. When I listened to the beat, I wanted to listen to the video there and I kind of just moved and went along with it."

"For the most part I was feeling the song, and I was just being honey!" She added.

Check out the video to "Honey," below.