• Jason Leal

Marnino Toussaint releases another hit with his single," Priority," featuring his band Purple Flux

"Priority" is the latest release from Marnino Toussaint, with an EP set to release this summer.

Marnino Toussaint delivers another classic single, "Priority," following his last record, "Who Yo' Stylist," observing a style and cadence that is mesmerizing and ethereal. His ballads are a mixture of sentiment and consciousness that is euphoric and refreshing. Marnino Toussaint is bound to amaze everyone with his latest single.

His sensual and upbeat sound is a "fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B, and poetry." Toussaint's sound is genuine, magical, and divine; putting everything into his music listening is almost cathartic. It is rare to find such pure music and art, but Marnino Toussaint is just that, authentic. His music with his band, Purple Flux, only validates his artistry and craft. The musicality in Toussaint is unmatched.

Marnino's approach to the song was dedicating it to honor black women since they do so much for men. That its time that someone takes time to make them a "Priority." His song is about honoring black women, "help[ing] them," making them a "priority," laying their "braids down," giving them the respect and love they deserve. This self-care is evident, as he wants to be her "holiday."

Toussaint is gearing for his forthcoming EP, What Had Happened Was, this summer, with a suspected release date in August. The project is sure to be a must-listen as Marnino has proved his aptitude as an impeccable R&B superstar.

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In the meantime, check out Marnino Toussaint's latest single, "Priority," with his band Purple Flux.