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Matik 2T releases highly anticipated visual for "Most Hated"

Watch the video for "Most Hated" below!

Matik 2T is Compton, California’s next up-and-coming hip-hop artist. This go-getter is the whole package -- his ability to write, energetic personality, and overall good looks is what keeps the listeners wanting more! He sets himself apart from other artists with those aspects and his work ethic. From learning how to engineer and write his own music, to taking a stand on his health, Matik 2T goes 100% in everything he does. Matik 2T describes his childhood as, “I used to be a chubby kid when I was little- low self esteem and I always got picked last for basketball games at school and social events. I knew deep inside, I was popular in my own eyes, but I knew my talents were unrecognized because of the look.” This inspired him to get into shape so much that he became a personal trainer! To add on to his list of accolades, he is part of the independent label, 2T Entertainment, which is a company that manages and represents artists in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Contemporary music. Malik 2T also started his own brand, Chosen FYP, which encourages people to find their purpose! Matik 2T knows without a doubt that making music is his purpose. His name even stands for “Music’s All That I Know.” Matik 2T just simply thinks differently. He wishes to have a huge following, not for what is going on in his life, but just for the music he puts out. He is not about the clout chasing whatsoever. He strives to make music for the masses to create longevity for himself in the music industry. Matik 2T is also touches on the importance of building great relationships with people in the industry in order to maximize success. He recently dropped a single, “Most Hated,” which can be found on all streaming platforms under the name “Matik 2T.” He is also working on dropping an EP this year called “Unleashed,” which will be different from his previous projects, “Mantra,” and “Chosen.” With “Unleashed,” Matik 2T will also release a short film capturing the process of creating, “Unleashed.” Get used to hearing the name Matik 2T, because this will NOT be the last you will hear of him.

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