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Maurice Hemmans releases new single "Wait 4 U"

"I hope the fans connect to the lyrics and hear the emotions in my voice," Hemmans told Remixd Magazine. "A place of release and a place to feel and experience what they may be closing off from."

Maurice Hemmans is a Los Angeles based R&B singer-songwriter. He just dropped a new single called "Wait 4 U" which is available to stream on all platforms.

He got his start in the entertainment industry first by pursuing an acting career. He's appeared on Disney Channel's Ant Farm, Fox’s Bones) and MTV’s Awkward. Additionally, Maurice went on to become the youngest lead vocalist on London’s hit west end show “Thriller Live.” R&B is ready for his sweet tone and melodic harmonies. Performing all over Europe, China, and Saudi Arabia. He is ready to keep the legacy going as the cousin to Rock N' Roll legend Little Richard. 

The artist was born in Pasadena but has lived majority of his life in Duarte, California. He was always musically inclined and has always sung in the choir -- leading praise and worship. But he then took singing seriously in 2014 after performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim for Disney Channel.

His sound can be described as pure, raw, and emotional. He utilizes a unique storytelling technique that instantly captivates audiences. One reason he's passionate about music is because he feels as though it can heal people.

"Music is food for the soul," Hemmans told Remixd Magazine."If you are depressed, happy, emotional or even undecided. There are various types of genres that cater to the listeners needs. Music heals honestly. So anyway I can encourage or shift anyone’s mood with my singing, then my job is going well."

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake, Hemmans takes his music to the next level and truly showcases his talents in every project he puts out.

Hemmans told Remixd Magazine that he wrote his new single "Wait 4 U" during the quarantine.

"I felt like dancing again and so I came up with the concept of sometimes things don’t work out in relationships," he said. "Sometimes for good and the other for bad. It hurts but if we are truly meant to be together, I’ll do anything and wait for you, even if it hurts me."

As far as what's next, he's going to be releasing his first EP aiming for this September 4th.

In the meantime, you can follow @MauriceHemmans on Instagram @MauriceHemmans and Twitter: @MauriceHemmans.

Be sure to stream "Wait 4 U" below.