• Tallie Spencer

Meet Ámani: An upcoming R&B artist based in Los Angeles

Ámani, born Tiyonna Amani Stewart, is a 24-year-old Calgary born American R&B artist. According to her Spotify bio, she best describes where she is from “as complicated as asking what ethnicity I am,” due to her traveling between New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Growing up she didn’t fit in and was ridiculed by peers for not being black enough, not being asian enough or not being middle eastern enough. Eventually when she couldn’t fit in, couldn’t handle the verbal and physical abuse, she became a wallflower. Turning inward, creative outlets like poetry, art and music helped her cope through self expression.

Amani recently interviewed with @RemixdMag and told us her favorite mood to create music in, a little bit about her upcoming project (new music IS on the way!), 3 artists she would quarantine with, and more. Amani reveals she is inspired by people like @jheneaiko, @erykahbadu, and @snohaalegra, while some of her favorites to listen to are J. Cole and Boogie. The talented singer dropped an EP in 2018 called “Tbh.” and says that “House” is one of her favorites from the project. While we wait for her new music to drop (sometime after the quarantine is over) listen to her music, which is available to stream on all platforms.

You can watch more clips from the interview on @RemixdMag.