• Tallie Spencer

Meet Brittney Boston, an entrepreneur who created her own lane

"I actually had to create my own opportunities, which helped me in the long run because the people who I admired started admiring my grind."

Brittney Boston is a force to be reckoned with. The independent record label manager has a clear vision of making an impact in the music world, and she has the ambition and determination to do so.

REMIXD Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with the entrepreneur and learning more about her journey. From working as an A&R at a major label, to co-founding and serving as President of her own indie label, Boston has truly created her own lane and opportunities in the music world. During the interview, she talked about her inspiration to pursue a career in the music industry and how she got to where she is.

Read our interview below:

Please introduce yourself to our readers and give us a background of where you are from?

Well, Brittney Boston is my real name although many people don’t believe that most times (*laughs*). My background is in marketing and it’s always been my strong suit. I’ve been blessed to work on many cool projects for Samsung, T-mobile, to NE-YO, DJ Snake, Raymix and more. Presently, I manage a few dope artists and run an indie label called Living Legends Entertainment with distribution alliances through BMG and Ingrooves (Strange & RBC). Talk to us about what inspired you to get into the music business? Whitney Houston inspired me to express myself through song. I started writing poetry at the age 5 or 6 and that spilled over to song lyrics. I used to write poems to hide my feelings and document things that happened in my life because my mom would read my diary. If I hid the words, she would never know what I actually was saying so writing has always been an outlet for me. Ultimately I tried to go the artist route, but was way too much of an introvert to go full throttle. I got into the business side officially pursuing a masters degree from Full Sail University.  That’s where I got my first “taste” and I was hooked from there. I’ve been in the music business now for about 8-10 years now. 

Thinking back to your childhood, what was it like growing up in your city? Ah man, growing up was a trip. I’m originally from Miami, but my family is from Brooklyn so I’ve always had the best of both worlds. We grew up hustling from the jump. We would wash people's cars to buy food. My mom was a single parent so she was always working, and it forced me and my sibling to grow up fast and early. My father was a notorious drug dealer so he was locked up most of my childhood. I can go into so many stories, but music was an intricate piece to my youth. My house was filled with R&B and Hip-Hop music, but R&B had my heart. I wanted to be Brandy, and Whitney Houston was my imaginary mother … no one could tell me nothing. 

What are some of the main challenges that you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are?

I’ve had to sacrifice relationships, friendships and even jobs. It’s very hard to find genuine people who really have no ulterior motives. I have had to grind ten times harder than a lot of my peers, but we all have different routes to greatness. We don’t all start and end up in the same place so my stamina and endurance are up to par.

Who are some of your main influences that inspired your career in this industry? From a business standpoint, I’d say Queen Latifah, Diddy and Tina Davis. Overall, there are so many, A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Tupac, Lauren Hill, Eve, TLC, Brandy, Whitney, Nas, Q-Tip, Mos Def, Amy Winehouse, Queen, and so many more. I loved what Queen Latifah was doing with the Flavor Unit on both sides. I also wanted to both be an artist and a business woman. Diddy, Puff or Love as he likes to be referred to nowadays was just so fly, savvy and smart. I still thrived to be like him in terms of influence and depth in music culture. Tina Davis was one of the first female executives I learned about. She signed and broke Chris Brown's career, she doesn’t get enough credit, but there was a time when her name was as prevalent as a Mike Caren or Jimmy Iovine. 

Are there any projects you are currently working on and who are some artists you’re working with? With regards to music, Dax is my main priority, we’re building something special and I’m proud to be his manager and business partner. That young man is a genius. We’re working on so much from music to acting, I can't for the world to see. He will be one of the biggest artists in the world. I also have a “viral” violinist, THMPSN, who is about to put out a Hip-Hop/EDM project. He’s a phenomenal producer amongst violinists. I am also consulting for a few artists and in addition to working with the Grammy Award Winning songwriter Lil Eddie and Latin artist Yung Raf and an R&B singer I'm excited about named Terrell Mackey. I have some other film and television projects in motion and am working on a new app. 

How has your career evolved throughout the years from when you first started? My career has evolved tremendously. I started out as an intern, conquered my dream job of A&R for Universal Music Group, to now helming an indie label and managing the careers of some rising stars. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this music business? Put yourself on. I came into this business hoping to have an OG or a mentor guide me, but I actually had to create my own opportunities which helped me in the long run because the people who I admired started admiring my grind. I started a platform called Musicology over five years ago to provide opportunities for young professionals looking to get into the music industry. Through Musicology, many music producers, managers, artists, etc got record deals, label jobs and placements. Right now, we are working on an app to service young professionals and when things get back to normal we’ll start hosting events again. 

What are some of your goals for your career in the future? To make an impact, to provide opportunities for others and to be influential through my service. Ultimately, I want to be the best, #1 in every category. I say that humbly, but I have an athletic mindset. My optimism is what keeps me in the game. 

Where can people find you on social media? @brittneyboston should allow you to find me everywhere. If you are interested in my services you can check out my website - brittneyboston.com.